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 660 machined sheave buyers please read

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PostSubject: 660 machined sheave buyers please read    Mon Mar 11, 2013 6:32 pm

just so everybody can post and it not deleted...we have told every 660 buyer they need a cdi or speed enhancer to get past that...another reason its copied and pasted here is the speed on the 700....50mph on the hw sheave...hmmmmmmmmmm......please hw stop lying about stuff...or maybe test it so you will know...we have been giving rhino forum members facts for 2 years and you come over here with your bs and say everybody is a liar and look who the liar really is ...been doing it as long as you have and didnt know that....dont add up...i dont think you been doing anything but running that mouth...
.......................660 Machined Sheave buyers please read!!!
It is Jan. of 2013 and i have a little egg on my face!!

Believe it or not, we have never put a machined sheave on a Rhino 660 that did not have a aftermarket CDI like our Tri-Fire CDI until yesterday.

The egg comes into play that if you do NOT have a aftermarket CDI on your rhino you will not be able to get past about 44 mph with a aftermarket sheave as the 660 has a speed limiiter as well.

We have been taking it for granted everyone with a 660 had a aftermarket CDI as that seemed to be the norm.

We had a customer call after installing our sheave and believe this or not, this is the first one in 7 years that called us and said that his rhino would not go past 44 mph and our ad on our site said 50MPH with no ignition!! WRONG!!!

So I gave him a Tri-Fire CDI and like magic his Rhino popped up to 52 mph and while that is low compared to our testing originally, he had bigger tires, windshield roof etc to slow him down some.

Getting off point I guess, but if you buy a machined sheave for a Rhino 660 you will be required to buy a aftermarket CDI as well for the additional top speed.

Rhino 700 owners this does not apply, you should be able to reach about 50 mph with sheave alone and adding a MSD or Power Commander V will only add about another 3-4 mph therefore we recommend you don't buy the MSD or PCV unless you are going to do a exhaust or cam later.

Sorry if this has messed up anyone, we learn something new everyday!!
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660 machined sheave buyers please read
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